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Testing is optional, though encouraged as a way to mark progression in your skills.


Kyu tests are held every 3 to 4 times a year at Bond Street Dojo. If you would like to test, you should check with an instructor to verify that you will meet the requirements for your test. If you are unsure about testing in general, speak with an instructor – they will advise you.

You are also required to find a sponsor who can help you prepare for your test. This should be someone you have trained with regularly who is at least two ranks above the rank you are testing for (ex: If you are testing for 4th kyu, your sponsor should be at least 2nd kyu).

Prior to testing, you must fill out a kyu test application form and attach a check payable to Bond Street Dojo (for 6th or 5th kyu) or Aikido Schools of Ueshiba (for 4th through 1st kyu) for your testing fee ($45).

View kyu test requirements and techniques


Please speak to an instructor if you are considering testing for a Dan rank.

Prior to testing, please read the instructions and fill out a dan test application form and attach a check or cash for your testing fee.

Dan test requirements and techniques are found in the Training Handbook – download as a PDF or view at

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