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"HOME SAFE" self-defense workshops with Maria Sensei May 18-19, June 1-2 and June 8-9

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Home Safe is a two part (two 1.5 hrs) self defense workshop for persons with little or no previous martial arts training.

2-part (two 1.5 hrs) self defense workshop - no previous martial arts experience needed. 

  • Parts 1 and 2 included at $50 per person (Age 16+)

  • Part 1: Saturdays 5:30-7PMPart 2: Sundays 5:30-7PM

Each participant will begin to learn how to: 

  • Avoid physical confrontation

  • Recognize threatening situations

  • Prepare for action

  • If needed use basic release/strike/escape combinations to get "HOME SAFE"

Upcoming May and June dates.

  • May 18-19 (Saturday AND Sunday)

  • June 1-2 (Saturday AND Sunday)

  • June 8-9 (Saturday AND Sunday)

Please inquire about future dates or group sessions if you are interested

Shihan Maria Van Dessel has 30 years of experience teaching self defense workshops for women, community groups and professionals.

HOME SAFE” self-defense workshop Part 1 and 2

The first part of the workshop presents strategies and tactics for avoiding violence. You will learn how to recognize and neutralize attempts to manipulate and control you. Through participation in drills and exercises with workshop assistants, you will discover how to evaluate the environment around you as well as how to maintain your personal space.  Elements of stance and position will be practiced, so that you are able to move easily and subtly from basic awareness of the situation to a state of alert.

In the second part, you will be shown some practical, effective techniques for dealing with a situation which has escalated. You will learn and practice a few simple, easy to remember blocks, strikes and escapes from grabs, designed to catch your attacker off-guard and buy you the time you need to escape. You will get to practice these techniques on trained partners.

The purpose of this workshop is to enable you to avoid physical confrontation if at all possible, to recognize when the situation has become threatening, to prepare for action in a way which does not reveal your skills, and to, when necessary, use basic release/strike/escape combinations to get away -- and to get "HOME SAFE".

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