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Goju Ryu February 16th Workshop- Izumigawa Katsuya Sensei

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Bond Street Dojo is pleased to work with members of the NYC Karate community to host Izumigawa Sensei from Kawasaki, Japan.

$50 mat fee for the day

Sunday February 16th, 2020

9:45AM Registration

10:00AM – 12:00 PM Keiko  稽古

Brunch Break at the dojo- Food will be provided

12:45PM – 2:45 PM Keiko  稽古

The workshop will highlight principles of combining the soft power elements of goju, aiki, and sword movements and into a comprehensive teaching method.

Some of the areas is focus will include:

- Aiki applications from a Goju Ryu perspective 

- Goju Ryu teachings/methods for developing internal power

- Using the Sword method of footwork in empty hand fighting.


$50 mat fee for the day

Please use the pre-registration link through Paypal.

*You may email us at if other payment methods are preferred.,


Please complete this registration form below: [Please use this link - if form below does not work]

Videos of Izumikawa Sensei's demos

Sensei Izumikawa Katsuya 泉川勝也 is active as the 3rd Sōke of the Senbukai dojo his father founded in 1939. The first goju-ryu dojo opened in mainland Japan. He is a 9th Dan Hanshi in Gōjū-ryū, a 7th Dan in Sagawa-ha Daitō-ryū, and a Shihan in Ryukyū Kobudō.

From childhood Katsuya Sōke studied the techniques of Koden Gōjū-ryū from his father and 1st Sōke Izumigawa Kanki. Following Kanki’s passing, Katsuya served as the assistant instructor of the 2nd Sōke, his older brother Kanbun 寛文(1943-82). In 1982 Katsuya inherited the style as the 3rd Sōke.

On the other hand, beyond karate he studied many years under his father Kanki’s student Yoshimaru Keisetsu 吉丸慶雪 (1931-2014) of the Sagawa-ha Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu. 

By incorporating Aiki techniques into Gōjū-ryū he created a unique methodology. His kobudo training he studied the techniques and Kata of Ryūkyū Kobudō from his uncle Izumigawa Kantoku 泉川寛得.

Sensei has enhanced the traditional practice of kakete 掛け手 (kakie カキエ) as handed down in Okinawa Gōjū-ryū with techniques from the Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu. In this way he newly created the “Senbukai Kakete Zen Hyakuhachi Te” (泉武会掛け手全108手) or 108 Kakie-techniques of the Senbukai. These are close-quarter techniques composed of gyaku, kuzushi, taoshi, hazushi, nage, uchi and other methods.

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