Youth classes (online only at this time)

1) Youth 8-15 years old - Email us, or Click for Aikido interest form

*Younger ages will be considered by chief instructor with prior martial arts experience and discussion with family

2) Parent may observe at least one class, or observe the child's first class. 

3) Speak to a youth class instructor to go over:


Adult classes (online and outdoor at this time)

1) You must be 16 or older - Email us, or Click for Aikido interest form

2) Observe practice on two different nights; or attend the Introductory Aikido 101 class

3) Speak to a Senior dojo member/Instructor to go over:

When you decide to join the dojo:

4) Submit the member registration forms with your (or parent) signature

5) Attach a check or cash for membership dues

6) Meet with the chief instructor or one of the senior instructors for final sign-off

When you decide to join the dojo:

Bond Street Dojo offers a special introductory rate for new members. See Dues for more information on membership fees.

Though not required, it may be helpful to read through the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba Training Handbook.

Your First Class

When you’re ready to join, have filled out your paperwork, observed classes and met with an instructor, simply show up ready to train. For beginners, all you need is a keiko (practice) gi.

When Can I start?

We teach Aikido not as a scheduled curriculum, but as a continuing flow of practice. We welcome beginners to join our regular classes. You start when you feel ready, and simply do the techniques with an open and attentive spirit. It is our experience that the new student reaches a higher level or advances in a shorter period of time by simply jumping in and getting their feet wet. The more advanced students are sincerely interested in helping you and will work with you at your own pace and level. Please do not feel you are hampering anyone's progress as a beginner. Sharing knowledge is important to their progress and development. Relax, and approach your training with an open mind and sense of enjoyment.



Where can I buy a gi (uniform)?

They are available over the internet and at several locations in New York City – Instructors will assist parents in selecting an appropriate uniform for the Youth classes. 

What classes should I observe?

We recommend adult visitors without prior aikido experience observe a “Basics” class. These are taught every weekday at 6 p.m. and Saturdays at 11 a.m. See our Schedule for detailed information.

I am out of shape and/or have never taken martial arts classes before. Is it a good idea for me to try aikido?

Aikido is open to students of all skill levels. Some classes may be physically rigorous. As with all exercise programs, please consult a medical professional prior to starting your aikido training. We offer a free Intro to Aikido (Aikido 101) class that provides a basic overview to our practice by allowing visitors to practice some simple techniques. Beginners are welcome in all of the classes, or can start with our Basics classes, which introduce new practitioners to the building blocks of Aikido.

How long does it take to earn a black belt?

Aikido offers progressive ranking, with the first test offered at the 6th kyu level, moving up to the 1st kyu level, and then to first degree black belt. For more details, see Testing at Bond Street. Each individual learns and progresses at his or her own pace. New members typically take their 6th kyu test within 6-9 months of beginning. Black best tests may follow anywhere from 4 to 7 years later. Your focus, ability to train regularly, and physical stamina all affect your individual progress; however, physical strength and stamina are not the most important part of your practice.

Thank you for your interest in Bond Street Dojo



Dues may be paid by cash or check. We also accept electronic payment via AAC, a program specifically designed for health clubs and martial arts schools. AAC enables you to automatically pay monthly dues via an electronic transfer from your checking account. We encourage all members to use AAC to pay dues, because it significantly reduces the work required to process monthly payments. Bond Street Dojo does not require annual contracts.

Membership dues allow you to attend UNLIMITED classes, but do not include some special events.


Online training only rates available - please inquire

New Member Special (2 months, prepaid) $150

General Dues $150/month

General Dues (AAC) $135/month

Full-Time Students (enrolled in an accredited 4-year program) $100


3 Months, Prepaid $405 ($135/month)

1 Year, Prepaid $1458 ($121.50/month)

*3% transaction fee may be included to help support the dojo on some electronic payments


Single class $15

%20 discount for additional children - $12/class for 2nd child, $10/class for 3rd child

* after the 3rd child, additional children between 8-15 years old may attend class at no additional cost

General Dues $100/month (Youth uniform/Gi included with first pre-paid month of classes)


3 Months, Prepaid $270 ($90/month)

*3% transaction fee may be included to help support the dojo on some electronic payments


Daily and weekly mat fee is available to out of town guests and dues paying members of another Aikido dojo. Visitors are required to sign a waiver and the safety policy prior to training at Bond Street.

Online class - first class donation based, inquire for continued participation

One Day (may attend multiple classes on the same day) - $20

One Week (unlimited classes) - $50

One Month (unlimited classes) - $150

Visitors staying longer than 3 months are eligible for membership rates and discounts