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Recent Kyu testing

January 19th 2019


Nico Puertollano, 1st Kyu

Daniel Correa, 5th Kyu

Meagan Parker, 5th Kyu


Marc Sergilus

Kevin Cunningham

Alexander Schlutz

Kyle Ancowitz

Ben Power

Marcio Burity

Sondra Martinkat-Taule

Jan19- Kyu testing

ASU Aikido Winter Intensive, Jan 2-6th 2019

Aikido Shihan, Mitsugi Saotome lead the 11th annual ASU Aikido Winter Intensive seminar at the Sirata Beach Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida.


This year's event featured special guests Mery Heiny Sensei and Chuck Weber Sensei. Along with instruction by Sensei R. Deppe, J. Drachman, T. Hofmeister, J. Messores, C. Prakash, A. Small, W. Whited. 

Photos taken by Bond Street Dojo members attending the seminar. 

ASU Winter Intensive Photos
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